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EVX-534-G6-5 (CE) 403-470MHz

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The EVX-534 series is a 'compact radio' consisting of VHF, UHF1 and UHF2 portables

Easy to operate with fundamental features you need, allowing users to keep in contact while still concentrating on the job in hand.

Available in both 5W UHF and 5W VHF models.

Hardware features:

- Continuous rotary channel switch (either contiuous channel select of 512 channels or 16 group settings of 32 channels)

- 3 side buttons (programmable - dual function)

- 4 front panel buttons (programmable - dual function)

- Option Board Capable

- Accessory connector socket


- 8 character alphanumeric display

- IP 57 (with accessory cover fitted)

- Large rotary channel selector

- CTCSS / DCS, 2 Tone En/Decode, MDC1200 En/Decode, DTMF En/Decode

- Angled rotary On/Off and volume control

- Emergency

- Tri colour LED

- Lone worker

- Large textured PTT

- Programmable channel spacing 12.5/20/25KHz

- Rugged die-cast chassis

- Analogue/Digital Scan

- Audio Companding

- ARTS II (Automatic Range Transpond System with MDC1200 auto ID)

- Clear Voice

- Channel Announcement (dealer recordable / multi language)

- Dynamic Tx power control

- Radio Check (Digital)

- VOX (Internal and External)

- Remote Monitor(Digital)

- 5 tone

- Pre-programmed Texting (Digital)

- Stun/Revive/Kill (5 Tone)

- Basic/Enhanced Privacy (Digital)

- Voice Inversion Encryption built in

-Stun/Revive digital

- Digital Call Management Features, (All call, Group Call, Private Call)

All EVX-534 Portables include:

- Portable radio

- New style 'push on' belt clip

- Choice of antenna

- Accessory socket dust cover

- Choice of Li Ion battery

- Userguide incorporating safety leaflet

- Bi Chem Rapid Charger for LiIon battery

- 24 months Radio Tanapa warranty (Does not cover Accessories)

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