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VX-1400-SA0B-100 EXP Rx 30KHz-30MHz Tx 1.6-30MHz

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The VX-1400 compact mobile two-way radio delivers the fundamental features you want.

Simple to operate which allows users to keep in contact while still concentrating on the job in hand.

Available in 100W HF Tx 1.6MHz - 30MHz model.

Hardware features:

- Large 14 Character Alphanumeric display - Tx 1.6MHz - 30MHz

- 7 button (programmable - dual function) - Rx 30KHz - 30MHz in 10Hz steps

- Rear Accessory Connector (using CT-139) - MIL 810 DEF

- PL259 antenna socket

Operator friendly controls and features:

- Large rotary volume control

- Push button On/Off

- Large 14character dot matrix display

- Internal speaker

- Water resistan IP54 keypad microphone MH-77A8J ( sold seperately)

- Water resistant IP54 microphone MH-77B8J (sold seperately)

- Water resistant IP54 Remote Mount kit for VX-1400 (sold seperately)

- Modes: A1A (CW),


A3E (AM),


H3E (2.182MHz emergency Channel only)

- Rugged die-cast chassis

- VFO (Vairiable Frequescy Oscillator)

- International Telecommunication Channels

- 512 memory channels for pre-programmed frequencies VX-1400 shown with MH-67A8J

- Selcall / Telcall / Message Call (MH-67A8J is sold seperately)

- VOX (when used with MH-31, MH-67 or MH-77 mics)

- Noise Blanker

- ALE (requires ALE2 option board - sold seperately)

- Automatic Tuning Process (reuires FC-30 or FC-40 - sold seperately)

- Clarifier mode

All VX-1400 HF Mobile include:

- Mobile radio with display - 12 months warranty

- DC lead and spare 25 Amp blade fuse - Microphone sold seperately

- Userguide incorporating safety leaflet - Mounting bracket sold seperately

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