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VX-2100-G6-45 A EXP (Non CE) 403-470MHz

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The VX-2100 mobile two-way radio delivers the fundamental features you want.

Simple to operate which allows users to keep in contact while still concentrating on the job in hand.

CE versions available are 25W VHF (134-174MHz) CE and UHF (400-470MHz) CE models.

Non CE version available is 50W VHF (134-174MHz) model.

Hardware features:

- Rugged die-cast chassis

- Large single digit numeric display

- 4 side buttons (programmable - dual function)

- 15 pin HDB15 Rear Accessory Connector

- MIL 810 CDEF

- PL RF connector type

Operator friendly controls and features include:

- Large rotary volume & On/Offcontrols

- Large clear LEDs

- Internal speaker

- Programmable channel spacing 12.5/20/25KHz

- CTCSS / DCS and 5 Tone Encode / Decode

- Emergency

- Stun/Revive/Kill

- Scan

- Programmable Accessory connector

- ARTS (Automatic Range Transpond System)

All VX-2100 Mobiles include:

- Mobile radio with display

- DC lead and two spare 15 Amp blade fuses

- Microphone (MH-67A8J) plus hang up clip

- Mobile mounting bracket

- Userguide incorporating safety leaflet

- 12 months warranty

i.e. Chose a radio and microphone option.




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